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  Allegany Data Reserve, A program of the Rural Data and Resource Development Initiative

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You may also view Comprehensive Reports concerning these areas.

You may also view Fact Sheets concerning these areas.

Local Allegany County Data

Mapstats: Allegany County
New York State Data Center: Economic Data
Southern Tier Labor Market Information System

State Data

Occupational Outlook Handbook for Western New York (2008-2009)
New York State Statistical Yearbook (2009) from the Rockefeller Institute of Government

Federal Data

FEDSTATS: The Gateway to Statistics from over 100 United States Federal Agencies
United States Census Bureau: Economic Indicators
United States Census Bureau: Manufacturing, Mining & Construction Statistics
United States Census Bureau: Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services
United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics





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Allegany/Western Stuben Rural Health Network
The Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University
The Institute for Human Services
IHS Help Online

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