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  Allegany Data Reserve, A program of the Rural Data and Resource Development Initiative

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Local Allegany County Data

Allegany County Department of Social Services Annual Reports
  (2010)  (2009)  (2008)  (2007)  (2006)  (2005)  (2004)  (2003)

Allegany County Office for the Aging Annual Reports
  (2010)  (2009)  (2008)  (2007)  (2006)  (2005)  (2004)  (2003)  (2002)

Allegany County Free & Reduced Lunches (2009-2010)
Food Environment Atlas - from USDA Economic Research Service
Meet the Meal Gap - from Feeding America
Allegany County Food Environment Statistics
Obesity Statistics for Allegany County

State Data

New York State Department of Health - Nutrition
New York State Statistical Yearbook (2009) from the Rockefeller Institute of Government

Federal Data

State Heath Facts: Monthly Number of Persons Participating in the Food Stamp Program (2011) from the Kaiser Family Foundation Forum on Child & Family Statistics
USDA Food and Nutrition Service: Child Nutrition Programs - Income Eligibility Guidelines
USDA Food and Nutrition Service: Data & Statistics
USDA Food and Nutrition Service: Program Data





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Allegany/Western Stuben Rural Health Network
The Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University
The Institute for Human Services
IHS Help Online

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